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EFFECTIVE July 6, 2020:  Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, ONLY virtual inspections will be provided for building and trade related inspections of OCCUPIED RESIDENTIAL dwellings until further notice.  Please click here Virtual inspections and Gas Furnance & Gas Water Heater for requirements and processes.


The Building Office of Code Compliance is responsible for ensuring public health, safety, and welfare as they are affected by the design, construction, and use of buildings.

The 2012 Virginia Uniform Statewide Construction Code (USBC) is effective July 14, 2014. Applicants may choose to utilize the 2009 USBC for a one-year period after the effective date.

Application Review

If you want to be reviewed under the 2012 please indicate this on your Construction plans for which a permit application is submitted to the local building department on or after the effective date of the 2012 edition of the code shall comply with the provisions of this code, except for permit applications submitted during a one-year period beginning on the effective date of the 2012 edition of the code. 

The applicant for a permit during such one-year period shall be permitted to choose whether to comply with the provisions of this code or the provisions of the edition of the code in effect immediately prior to the 2012 edition. This provision shall also apply to subsequent amendments to this code based on the effective date of such amendments. In addition, when a permit has been properly issued under a previous edition of this code, this code shall not require changes to the approved construction documents, design or construction of such a building or structure, provided the permit has not been suspended or revoked.

Additional Information

The Building Office held a training on what and how to submit for Residential permits on August 16, 2017. You can view the power point presentation (PDF) online.

Important Utilities Regulatory Reminder (PDF)