Deadlines and Important Dates

January 15State Estimated Tax Due (Number 4)N/A                        
January 31Dog Licenses for current year dueTreasurer 
February 1Personal Property Filing Due Date Commissioner of Revenue (COR) 
February 5Building Supplement Payments Due Treasurer 
March 1Tax Relief Filing Due DateCOR
March 15Business License Filing Due Date for Existing BusinessesCOR
April 15Federal Taxes Filing/Payment Due DateInternal Revenue Service 
April 15Business License Payments DueTreasurer 
May 1State Income Filing/Payment Due DateCOR 
May 1State Estimated Tax Due (Number 1)COR 
June 51st Half Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes DueTreasurer 
June 15State Estimated Tax Due (Number 2)Treasurer 
September 15State Estimated Tax Due (Number 3)Treasurer 
November 1Land Use Applications Due for 1st Time Filers CORCOR 
December 5Re-validation of Land Use Applications DueCOR
December 52nd Half Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes DueTreasurer 
December 31Dog Licenses Due (No later than January 31)Treasurer