Salary & Benefits


  •  Full pay and County benefits beginning the first day of recruit academy.
  • Basic starting salary without overtime and holiday pay:
    •   For the period of Recruit School the Firefighter salary: $41,928.51
    •   At the completion of Recruit School: $44,024.93
    •   Within the four years, the Firefighter will have to complete the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Paramedic Certification and will then be promoted to Firefighter/Medic: $48,537.49


In addition to a competitive salary, we offer a full benefits package that includes:

  • Annual leave
  • Health insurance with dental, vision, and prescription card after one complete month of county employment
  • Life insurance
  • Optional insurance plans available
  • Paid holidays
  • Sick leave
  • Sick leave bank after one year of county employment
  • Virginia Credit Union
  • Virginia Retirement System (VRS)
  • VRS hazardous duty retirement supplement

Career Growth

A career with FREM will offer you opportunities for continued growth, learning and transfer assignments in areas such as the:

  • Critical Incident Stress Management Team
  • Emergency Management Division
  • Emergency Medical Services/Health and Safety Division
  • Fire Marshal's Office
  • Honor Guard
  • Opportunity to instruct many different topics/areas of instruction
  • Technical Rescue Team
  • Training Division
  • Water Rescue Team