Spotsylvania County Museum

If you're curious about what has created SpotsylvaniaSpotsylvania County Museum County's unique character, delve into history at the Spotsylvania County Museum. You will be fascinated by the museum's comprehensive collection that portrays the history of Spotsylvania dating back to 1722.


The County's heritage comes to life in the museum's 1800 square feet of exhibit space. Highlights include artifacts, photographs and documents from the early Woodland Indians, who were the original inhabitants of Spotsylvania through 1865.

17 Days in MayStatue at the Museum

A special emphasis is given to the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House in May 1864, in a gallery entitled "17 Days in May." Exhibits and artifacts tell the story with special attention given to local inhabitants of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. It is an excellent stop prior to visiting the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park.

Brother Memorial

The "Brothers" memorial, a two-figure, life-size setting in bronze, reminds museum visitors of the harsh realities of the American Civil War. The figures, brother against brother, represent the real possibility of familial recognition by opposing soldiers, one Union, one Confederate, but brothers nonetheless, after the horrific battle that engulfed the countryside near Fredericksburg.

Kid's Area

The Spotsylvania County Museum now has a kid’s hands-on area! This area is sponsored by the Spotsylvania Historical Association (SHA) and provide kids an opportunity to dress-up in period clothing, play in an A-Frame tent, and cook over a campfire as in the 19th-Century. Come check it out!

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