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Soap Box Derby Registration 2020

  1. Driver Waiver

    By submission of this form and as such parent or guardian, in consideration of the benefits received as a result of the participation herein, and for the mutual benefits received by myself and my child and other participants herein, I hereby waive and release any and all claims, rights, causes of action, demands or otherwise, whether for personal injuries, whatsoever, arising from or in any manner related to my son’s/daughter’s or ward’s participation in the local Soap Box Derby, the All American Soap Box Derby and/or any activities incidental or related thereto. Furthermore, you must agree to show good sportsmanship and abide by all race rules set by the All-American Soap Box Derby and the Rappahannock Regional Soap Box Derby Committee. I also agree to allow pictures of my child and his/her participation in the Soap Box Derby t be used in marketing materials such as newsletters, websites, social media, etc. without compensations

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